Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic Weed Control

Unsightly and harmful, aquatic weeds have no place in your garden. There are four types of aquatic weeds: algae, floating weeds, emerged weeds, and submersed weeds, each draining the nutrients from your water and soil. Whether these plants came into contact with your body of water through organic or manmade means, if left untreated, a single invasive plant can dominate your water with a virulent speed.

In addition to being sore on the eyes, aquatic weeds make your pond or lake sore as well, drastically changing its characteristics and in some cases, making it unusable. Increased damp vegetation also provides a haven for unwanted pests like mosquitos, parasites, and rodents. Clogging and blocked entryways by weeds create bad smells, accelerate aging, and decrease the depth of your water, which could lead to further, more expensive complications in the future. In short, a weed free pond is a happy pond, is a happier you.

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