We carefully eradicate pests from your home or business, sanitize, deodorize and replace insulation.


At Plateau, we fight every kind of pest for you- including the ones in your garden. Weeds, fungi, diseases, and insects are no match for our eco-friendly treatments. Ridding your yard of these blights is not only kinder on the eyes, but also on your health, dispelling unwanted animals and bugs that could harbor diseases or painful stings and bites. Once we rid your land of these blights, we can focus on rejuvenating and caring for your garden. With our specialty landscaping services, we cater to all types of yards, able to determine and serve your greenery needs.

Our landscaping services include:


Aquatic weeds cause serious problems, including harboring pests carrying dangerous diseases.

Aquatic elements in your landscaping can make a beautiful addition to your land, but when aquatic weeds take over your pond or lake, that beautiful body of water can soon turn ugly. Aquatic weeds can seriously damage like the function of your lake, taking it over and making it unusable. Clogging creates bad smells, and makes a breeding ground for mosquitos, wasps, and other undesirable pests. The continued maintenance of your pond or lake is essential to its continued function, so don’t hesitate to contact Plateau for immediate care and weed removal.

Aquatic Services


Gophers, Rats, and other rodents bring diseases into your home and should be eradicated quickly.


Termites are a serious threat to the safety of any home, responsible for an average of 1 billion dollars worth in United States property damages.

Eco Friendly

We use organic, natural solutions whenever possible including botanicals and beneficial insects.


Pests can cause serious structural damage to your home that, if left untreated, can be both costly and dangerous. Cracked exterior and interior surfaces, sticking windows and doors, uneven floors and walls, stains, and a bowing roof are all symptoms of a structurally unsound home. Though this damage may have occurred as a result of time, more often pests are to blame. Termites will attack the wooden support beams of your home, mice and rats will gnaw through anything, including water pipes and electrical wires, and gophers will undermine the very foundation of your home with their tunneling. Seeing as how many insurance companies do not cover damage caused by pests, it is best to attack this problem early, with our pest removal services. We can then go about fixing the damage the vermin caused to your home, restoring insulation and fully sanitizing your home for your health.

Our services include:

Weed Control

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