Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit tree pruning is the perfect way to stimulate growth, control tree size and improve the size and quality of fruit. Dead, unhealthy or diseased branches are removed during pruning to allow room for the growth of strong branches and to stop the disease from spreading. Fruit trees with healthy, strong branches and limbs that do not crowd or compete simply live longer more fruitful lives than their less-healthy counterparts. Furthermore, a fruit tree that is properly pruned doesn’t pose the dangers of falling branches or diseases spreading to other branches and nearby trees.

Any fruit tree, regardless of the type or location should be regularly pruned to ensure the healthiest most vibrant fruit production possible. Since each tree has its own set of needs, one of our knowledgeable specialists can assess the tree type, location and health of the trees and then recommend a pruning plan to help walk that fine line between over pruning (which inhibits fruit growth) and under pruning (which can cause overcrowding and second-rate fruit).

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