Landscape Rodent Control

Landscape Rodent Control

Destructive to your yard and home, dangerous to your well-being, and born with continually growing teeth, landscape rodents pose a considerable threat to your healthy garden and house. The most common landscape rodents include squirrels, ground squirrels, gophers, mice, and rats. Once one of these pests finds your home, complete with a beautiful garden full of delicious vegetation, it will proceed to either burrow or find a nice nook in which to make a nest, and breed. Before long, you’ll notice droppings, unexplainable chew marks, foraging paths, and even the vermin themselves. Such an infestation is hazardous.

Landscape rodents live specifically to destroy your garden and home. They burrow tunnels that erode your soil and can damage house foundations, eat plant food, spread unwanted seeds, eat, bruise, and dig up your plants, and will gnaw through anything, including wiring, wood, PVC, and metal pipes. These animals are not only a disease to your garden, but are also a source of illness for you. Rodents, especially rats, are known carriers of more than 34 diseases including salmonella, tularemia, and rabies. Unfortunately, the transmission of these diseases are not limited to direct contact, as rodents contaminate everything they touch with constant urination, defecation, and shedding, leaving a much wider arena for possible contamination. You do not want these pests anywhere near your house, garden, or family.

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