Lawn Reseeding

Lawn Reseeding

As time passes, grass will inevitably lose its luster and need to be replaced. Even lawns that are being properly cared for can age and eventually turn thin and brown. This not only diminishes the property’s curb appeal, but it also makes the lawn more susceptible to frustrating weed growth. This can happen to any lawn, and it can occur especially fast in areas that are prone to receiving high foot or vehicle traffic or yards where children or pets play.

To counter thin, brown, unhealthy-looking turf, reseeding is an ideal, low-fuss solution. It is a simple process that can help restore that lush, green lawn you once had, eliminating the need to go to the extreme of totally ripping up the turf and starting from scratch. A simple layer of seed in the lawn during the fall, which is optimal season for reseeding, can do wonders for your lawn and bring back that lush vibrancy that it once had.

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