Bed Bug Removal Service

Bed bugs are small and parasitic insects that feed on the blood of people. They are rapidly spreading across California due to the high amount of tourism, as hotels, motels, and apartments are high risk places for bed bugs to nest. However, bed bugs can move and spread quickly to any other area by hiding on or in your belongings. They eventually find their way to your home where they begin to infest one’s sleeping area. Most of the time, it is difficult to notice an infestation until it is too late. The bites from these parasitic insects can take up to 2 weeks to show physical signs on a person. Other signs of a bed bug infestation include small exoskeletons, clusters of bed bugs in the folds of a mattress or sheet, rust like colored stains, and a prominent damp odor throughout the room. It is important to be cautious of these small signs because bites from bed bugs may cause infections or allergic reactions in a person.

Plateau Pest Control offers bed bug removal services that will clear all bed bugs from your home by using the best treatment practices in the industry. Our experts offer free bed bug removal estimates without any sales pressure. We want to reclaim your home for a happy and healthier environment.

Plateau Pest Solutions is dedicated to our customers and committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer free estimates without any sales pressure. Our treatment and maintenance plans are tailored to your needs whether you decide to go on a maintenance contract or just pay per service. Please give us a call at (619) 507-5575 or fill out our contact form.