Bat Removal

Bat Removal by Plateau Pest

Bats are considered among the ranks of pests because of the way they invade homes. Attics, chimneys, eves, lights, vents and other small, dark spaces can all be infested with bats, as they are looking for what they believe is a safe place to settle. This only produces more bats, as their offspring will also continue to live and breed where they are comfortable. Initially bats can get in through crawl spaces, chimneys and cracks. Entry points need to be no bigger than half an inch for bats to get in.

Aside from the absolute fright factor of bats, some of the nuisances of their presence include the odor from their droppings, which also contains parasites and can be dangerous if inhaled. Also, an invasion of bats into the regular living space can make it impossible to live in your home. A bat sighting in your home or on the premises may indicate that there is an infestation. Fortunately, Plateau Pest Solutions’ bat removal service is a legal and humane way of removing bat colonies from your home, keeping you and your family safe.

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