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      No one likes a pest problem and no one likes having to deal with a pest problem. As a resident of Chino, you might face some pest problems in your home or your business that you won’t want to deal with. At Plateau Pest Solutions, we can deal with all of your pest eliminations so you don’t have to. We’ll come and inspect your unique pest situation then develop a treatment plan that suits you. We have been proudly serving the residents and business owners of Chino for years and aim to continue our customer satisfaction in the area. At Plateau Pest Solutions, we can eliminate whatever pest problem you may have so that you can continue to live and relax in the home that you’ve worked so hard for. We’ll make sure to handle the problem before any serious damage is done; leaving you pest and worry free! Contact us today if you have a pest problem that needs to be addressed and we’ll make sure your residence in Chino is taken care of.

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      You’ve tried and tried to get rid of pests on your own for years and it just seems like they come back more and more each time. You’re tired of trying to deal with things yourself and are now looking to hire a professional pest control specialist that serves the Chino area. At Plateau Pest Solutions, we have the experience and the work ethic to eliminate your pest problem at the source to ensure that it is stopped before any real damage comes to your home or business. We’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan where you decide when and how you want to pay. Our services are affordable and can be paid using a monthly plan or pay as you go system. We won’t lock you into any contracts, and  we work until you are satisfied with our work. We pride ourselves on the work we’ve done for Chino, and hope to continue to provide services that are appreciated by residents and business owners alike.

      Plateau Pest Solutions is a family owned and operated business that aims to provide its customers with the best that pest control has to offer. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are well versed in landscape, agriculture, and structural pest control. We keep our customers informed of our processes and even share with them our knowledge of Integrated Pest Management. You can count on us to provide honest work, excellent customer service, and great prices when it comes to our services. We want you to understand what you are paying for and feel satisfied with what you’ve paid for. We also know that there might be concerns about the chemicals that are used during our pest eliminations. At Plateau, we offer a range of treatment solutions that are safe for everyone that will use the treated area. We offer organic, botanical and even chemical-free treatments so that you, your family, and your visitors remain safe after we have finished. We want to assure you that we aren’t just any old pest control company. We are Plateau Pest Solutions and we worry about the pest control in Chino so that you don’t have to!

      Best Pest Experts in Chino

      Like many areas in Southern California, Chino is home to not only great people but a great number of pests and critters. We know that you can try to eradicate pests from your home on your own, but why would you want to when Plateau Pest Solutions can come out and do it for you. Trust us to eliminate the pests that are familiar to the area.

      Bed Bug Control in Chino

      Bed bugs are a nightmare for homeowners and business managers. These brown, apple-seed sized, six-legged bugs make their way into homes by latching on to other humans who might not even know that they are carrying them. They become darker and bigger after they feed, and unfortunately their favorite thing to feed on is human blood. Urbanization and an increase in tourism has made it easier for these little guys to get around and into the homes and businesses in Chino. They are most likely found in between mattresses and box springs, but if the problem becomes big enough they can migrate to other areas of the home.

      Termite Control In Chino 

      Termites are one of the most destructive pests and unfortunately they are known to like to hang out in Chino. These guys can cause severe property damage and can devalue a home by up to 25%. A termite infestation is really hard to get rid of by yourself and if you miss even a few termites – or the queen termite – during your DIY extermination, you’ll have another one in no time. Thankfully, we know how to deal with termites at Plateau. Termites are attracted to moisture like most pests and feed on wooden beams, wooden deck furniture, or hardwood floors. They form colonies quickly, but won’t start showing signs of infestation right away. Look for discolored drywall, peeling paint, and hollow-sounding wood if you think you might have a termite problem.


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      Jeff N. - Alpine, CA

      Jeff N. - Alpine, CA

      "Terry came to our house to treat our majestic coastal live oak that had been set upon by one of the borer beetle species. After treatment the tree, which is the center-piece of our entryway, is doing great! The bubbling, oozing bug holes are all gone, and the cracks and splits in the bark have healed. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Thank you Terry."

      Natalie Chiles - Vista, CA

      Natalie Chiles - Vista, CA

      "This is the best company! We had probably one of the worst gopher infestations ever- we live on nearly 2 acres of land and Terry came exactly when he said he would. Our issue was resolved in a matter of weeks, and with his maintenance our lawn is green and grassy again- no more gopher holes. While they’ll never go away completely, we are extremely please with Terry’s consistent treatment and updates. The fact that he’s a really nice guy is a nice bonus."

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      Green & eco-friendly services

      At Plateau Pest, we understand the concerns surrounding the use of harsh chemicals so we offer organic, botanical, and eco-friendly applications as well as chemical-free services. Plateau Pest can also keep your farms and groves free of pests while still keeping them organic with our 100% organic production services.

      We offer Termite control

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      Chino  Pest Control

      For many years, Plateau Pest Solutions has been providing pest control services in Chino. Rest assured that we use the latest pest control technologies and methods. We constantly monitor the latest regulations with strict compliance. We strive to sharpen our skills and gain valuable knowledge to provide our clients with the best customer experience. On top of that, we provide free estimates and offer affordable rates for all our services. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your problem. For more information, check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp accounts. You can also call us at (8550 475-2832.

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