Bird Control

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Birds, while often considered majestic creatures, can be surprisingly harmful and unhealthy pests. When they arrive in large, aggressive flocks, their luster quickly dissipates and control measures are in order. Pigeons, sparrows and starlings are just a few pest birds that can cause serious damage and major health concerns. Pest birds can damage property, structures, outside furniture and plants and create an overall unappealing eyesore out of your lawn.
Their nests and droppings only serve to attract more birds, and the noise can become unbearable. Many birds carry diseases such as salmonellosis and histoplasmosis. Others carry parasites and bugs that can infiltrate the buildings they surround. These include yellow mealworms and bed bugs.
To minimize the dangers and inconveniences associated with pest birds, anyone whose property is regularly the target for large flocks should consider bird control measures. Specially tailored for the property, Plateau Pest Solutions’ bird control measures are a safe and humane method of reducing the allure of the property to pest birds, keeping them at bay.

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