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      The residents of Santee love the sunny climate and the friendly atmosphere.

      The residents of Santee consider quality-of-life issues as essential matters to address immediately. They also value the abundance of open space and overall convenience. The city is just a few miles away from the most prominent beaches in San Diego.

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      As Santee residents enjoy the sunny climate, a variety of pests also enjoy the climate. Pest problems can be a huge frustration and can really test the patience for homeowners and property owners. They can also cause major threats to the health of your loved ones and pets. Some of the pest that invades Santee throughout the year are rodents and termites.

      How should pest problems be addressed? It is not recommended to address pest problems on your own by using Do It Yourself treatments. What is highly recommended is to call the pest control experts right away like Plateau Pest Solutions! Plateau Pest Solutions is a reliable exterminator that Santee residents and property owners trust. Our priority is to help you get rid of your pest problems and give you peace of mind because this is what we are good at. We strategically, efficiently, and effectively address your pest problems.

      Plateau Pest technicians are properly equipped and trained in handling all types of pest problems. Our technicians are capable of tailoring our services to our client’s needs and have the ability to recommend the most suitable solutions. Our technicians are also knowledgeable in the following areas:

      1. Landscape
      2. Agriculture and Structural Pest Control
      3. Integrated Pest Management

      Plateau Pest is a family owned and operated business. We are highly aware of the concerns of many regarding various chemicals used in pest treatments. That is why we also offer a wide range of minimal risk treatments. Indeed, Plateau Pest is a pest control company that provides comprehensive services to the needs of property owners in Santee as we are able to identify both the points of entry and evaluate the degree of the pest problem and identify a safe and diligent plan.

      For customer service, we offer free estimates without any sales pressures. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your problem. For more information, check out our FacebookLinkedIn,and Yelp account. You can also call us at (855) 475-2832.


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      Jeff N. - Alpine, CA

      Jeff N. - Alpine, CA

      "Terry came to our house to treat our majestic coastal live oak that had been set upon by one of the borer beetle species. After treatment the tree, which is the center-piece of our entryway, is doing great! The bubbling, oozing bug holes are all gone, and the cracks and splits in the bark have healed. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Thank you Terry."

      Natalie Chiles - Vista, CA

      Natalie Chiles - Vista, CA

      "This is the best company! We had probably one of the worst gopher infestations ever- we live on nearly 2 acres of land and Terry came exactly when he said he would. Our issue was resolved in a matter of weeks, and with his maintenance our lawn is green and grassy again- no more gopher holes. While they’ll never go away completely, we are extremely please with Terry’s consistent treatment and updates. The fact that he’s a really nice guy is a nice bonus."

      landscape services

      Green & eco-friendly services

      At Plateau Pest, we understand the concerns surrounding the use of harsh chemicals so we offer organic, botanical, and eco-friendly applications as well as chemical-free services. Plateau Pest can also keep your farms and groves free of pests while still keeping them organic with our 100% organic production services.

      We offer Termite control

      Escrow and refinance inspection reports within 24 hours

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