Structural Pest Control

Pests can cause serious structural damage to your home that, if left untreated, can be both costly and dangerous. Cracked exterior and interior surfaces, sticking windows and doors, uneven floors and walls, stains, and a bowing roof are all symptoms of a structurally unsound home brought on by pests. Termites attack the wooden support beams of your home, mice and rats gnaw through anything, including water pipes and electrical wires, and gophers undermine the very foundation of your home with their tunneling. Many insurance companies do not cover damage caused by pests, so it is best to attack this problem early, with our pest removal services. Plateau Pest Control can fix the damage the vermin caused to your home, restore insulation, and fully sanitize your home for your health.

Plateau Pest Solutions is dedicated to our customers and committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer free estimates without any sales pressure. Our treatment and maintenance plans are tailored to your needs whether you decide to go on a maintenance contract or just pay per service. Please give us a call at 760-295-9309 or fill out our contact form.