Covid-19 Sanitation Services

Quick, Reliable, Professional Sanitizing and Decontaminating Services of Virus-Infected Sites and Materials

As the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) unfolds, the need for sanitation and decontamination services have heightened more than ever! The quickly spreading, infectious virus put us in a very serious situation. Aside from the spread of the virus through human contact, bacteria, germs, and viruses live on surfaces and objects for several weeks. Refraining from close contact with infected people and practicing social distancing is not enough. It is also vital to keep our daily environments sanitized and safe. When it comes to sanitizing and decontaminating, Plateau Pest Solutions is fully trained and equipped to help!


Plateau Pest Covid-19 Sanitation Services

Though more and more states have declared shelter-in-place orders, the Plateau Pest Solutions team will continue to be front-liners and will continuously fight against the Coronavirus. Plateau Pest is qualified and carries all categories to provide sanitation services for ALL SETTINGS REQUESTED to control COVID-19 for a 90 day period ! The work that we do is an irreplaceable link in keeping essential facilities such as public areas, playgrounds, hotels, city streets, restaurants, golf courses, convention centers, or HOAs (basically any settings) up and running.

Plateau Pest offers and provides fast, most comprehensive sanitation and decontamination services and treatments to treat COVID-19 ! Our highly trained, and certified experts deliver such services by utilizing company-owned assets, which give you and/or your organization the ability to act quickly and efficiently against dangerous public health threats. Rest assured our training and services are in accordance with OSHA standards and highest bio-security principles.


Health & Safety is Plateau Pest’s #1 Priority

Our number one priority is the health, safety and compliance of our operations on your sites and our. At all levels of the company, the employees share this philosophy. We strive to ensure that our safety goals are met.