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      Solana Beach is situated along the northern coast of San Diego County. Solana Beach actually has a loose meaning of “sunny spot.” With sunshine almost every day, this town is known for scenic beaches and outdoor activities. The streets are filled with shopping stores, interesting art galleries, boutiques, and other distinctive stores. For shoppers, it is known as “The Avenue with Everything.” The beaches are filled with white sand and perfect waves. Solana Beach is truly unlike any other area of San Diego. However, like the rest of the county, pest problems are inevitable with a mild climate. If you are having pest problems in Solana Beach, you may not be able to solve them on your own. At Plateau Pest Control, we are committed to pest control in Solana Beach. Reach out to us today to begin your estimation process.

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      Just like any other place, Solana Beach also suffers from various pest problems such as termites. During the Spring season, termites swarm the Solana Beach area. However, the termite pest problem is year-round. Termite problems are something that needs to be addressed immediately. Luckily, reliable pest control companies are available instantly to help homeowners and business owners address such pest problems promptly just like Plateau Pest Solutions.

      Plateau Pest Solutions is a family-owned and operated pest solutions company. A pest control company that proudly serves the Solana Beach area and is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction in addressing any of your pest control needs. All team members at Plateau Pest are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in all three areas of landscape, agriculture, and structural pest control. This makes us the right company for your pest control needs. At Plateau Pest Solutions, we offer free estimates without any sales pressures. We assure you that we only provide you with an honest assessment of your home’s condition. We also strive to provide you with the knowledge needed in order to make the right decision for your home. Our treatment and maintenance plans are all tailored to your needs whether you sign a contract or prefer to pay per service. We also understand the concerns that you might have with various chemicals to treat pests so we offer a wide range of treatment options from lures and attractants to botanical and minimal risk products when managing any pest.

      For customer service, we offer free estimates without any sales pressures. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your problem. For more information, check out our FacebookLinkedIn, and Yelp account. You can also call us at (855) 475-2832.


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      Leslie G. - Escondido, CA

      Great company.  Came out to fight with my gophers and are winning.  Easy to do business with. Thanks

      Jarret G. - San Diego, CA

      Great service. Have never seen any ants, roaches, or other bad bugs, inside or out. We have lived here for over 12 years

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      At Plateau Pest, we understand the concerns surrounding the use of harsh chemicals so we offer organic, botanical, and eco-friendly applications as well as chemical-free services. Plateau Pest can also keep your farms and groves free of pests while still keeping them organic with our 100% organic production services.