Top Dress

Top Dress Aerating

The benefits of top dressing your lawn are enormous and long-lasting. The process of top dressing is when compost or other soil amendment is added to a thin layer on the lawn. Top dressing uses organic matter and beneficial compost microbes and can improve your soil’s health without damaging the existing turf. After application, the matter breaks down and is filtered through the existing, less healthy soil. Over time, the soil health improves, ultimately rejuvenating the turf.

Another benefit is that top dressing with certain materials can correct drainage and structure problems for uneven lawns, fill in dips in the turf, and even out bumps created by worm castings. It also controls thatch and performs as a long-standing, natural fertilizer to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy with less fuss. Top dressing is good for just about any lawn but works especially well for those lawns that need an environmentally friendly revamp.

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