The process of soil aeration includes perforating the ground and removing small soil plugs throughout the perimeter of the lawn. This allows the air, fertilizers and water to infiltrate the soil and penetrate down to the grass roots more efficiently, resulting in an uptake of the necessary nutrients, and a vibrant and healthy lawn. Although aeration is good for all lawns, it is especially beneficial for lawns where the soil has become compacted. That is, the soil particles are dense and difficult to penetrate.

Lawns that are in dire need of aeration are typically characterized by their soil’s inability to absorb water (forming puddles) and its grass dying or appearing unhealthy despite proper fertilizing and watering. The condition of the compacted soil serves to block the free movement of air, fertilizers and water, preventing these necessary elements from reaching down and nourishing the grass roots. This ultimately results in unhealthy grass and an unattractive lawn. Compacted soil can occur to lawns as a result of new construction, heavy foot traffic (yards with children or pets), vehicle traffic and other stressors.

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