Pest Solutions

At Plateau we provide solutions for all insects, rodents, birds, snails and more. If it’s a pest, Plateau has the solution. We provide wildlife trapping to get rid of any unwanted critters, and exclusion services to stop them from re-entry. Plateau can protect your home from ants, bees, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, and more. We offer commercial, residential, and agriculture services with free estimates. We provide services for nurseries, groves, and greenhouses. Protecting you and the environment is our number one priority at Plateau so we offer botanical and minimal-risk pesticides along with chemical-free trapping and lures. We can work with you to choose the safest and most effective way to control any pest concern. We can customize any of our services and treatment to fit your needs.

30-Day Guarantee

Plateau pest solutions is committed to honest excellence. That’s why we guarantee most services for at least 30 days. To ensure that your pest problem is eliminated we will provide further inspection or treatment to prevent the occurrence of a re-infestation up to 30 days after the initial treatment at no cost. We also provide extended warranties and free service calls. Some restrictions apply. To see if your service can be guaranteed please call for your free estimate today. We offer extended warranties, and affordable service plans and payment options so you will never be left getting “bit” in the behind.

Minimal risk Solutions

  • Live animal trapping
  • Integrated pest management
  • Biological insecticides
  • Beneficial insects
  • Botanical based products
  • Pruning
  • Non-toxic attractants/lures/repellents

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