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      Commercial Pest Elimination

      No one likes pests, especially when they make their ways into our buildings. When pests enter large buildings like offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants they can negatively impact employees, visitors, and the company’s image. Commercial pest elimination ensures that these pests aren’t given the opportunity to jeopardize your businesses. When you need quality commercial pest control there’s only one place you should go, Plateau Pest Solutions. We’ll come to your large properties and eliminate pests like ants, spiders, rodents, and any others so that your businesses can continue to run without worrying about any unwanted guests. Plateau Pest Solutions specializes in getting the job done at an affordable rate and to the satisfaction of our customers each and every time.

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      Commercial Pest Management with Plateau

      At Plateau Pest Solutions, we’ve served around 300 commercial properties in Southern California. We’ve designed a pest elimination program that perfectly serves each individual property because we know that each building has its own needs and services. We aim to stop pests from entering the building by sealing off areas where pests are likely to enter as a way to eliminate the invasion before it even begins. We aim to do all that we can to keep your commercial buildings pest free for you, your employees, your tenants, and your visitors. We’ll also come in and conduct your inspection and treatments with discretion so as not to worry your employees, visitors, and tenants over a potential pest problem.

      Hotel and Apartment Pest Control

      Having worked with over 200 hotels in the area, Plateau has become the lodging industry’s top pest elimination specialist. We strive to eliminate any pests from all rooms, lobbies, gyms, and office areas. A pest problem in a hotel could be one of the most damaging situations, and we want to help you eliminate any pests before they become a huge issue for your business. We also work with apartment complexes and various Homeowner Associations to eliminate pests in buildings as a whole or individual apartments. We’ve helped with pest control in over 100 apartment complexes, and have become the trusted pest elimination specialist used by Homeowners Associations to provide a pest free atmosphere for homeowners and tenants. We provide these commercial properties with preventive monthly pest control services or on an as needed basis in order to keep the buildings and the companies within them upstanding.


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      Leslie G. - Escondido, CA

      Great company. Came out to fight with my gophers and are winning. Easy to do business with. Thanks

      Jarret G. - San Diego, CA

      Great service. Have never seen any ants, roaches, or other bad bugs, inside or out. We have lived here for over 12 years

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      Green & eco-friendly services

      At Plateau Pest, we understand the concerns surrounding the use of harsh chemicals so we offer organic, botanical, and eco-friendly applications as well as chemical-free services. Plateau Pest can also keep your farms and groves free of pests while still keeping them organic with our 100% organic production services.

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      (858) 475-2832

        Plateau Pest Solutions, Trusted Pest Specialists

        Plateau is a family owned and operated pest solutions company that works through excellence and integrity. We take pride in our highly trained and experienced technicians who are knowledgeable in structural pest control. We listen to and work with our customers so that we can come up with the perfect pest solutions for each and every one. We are a company that not only provides local one on one services for smaller buildings but can expand our resources and services to the largest properties in the area. We know there can be concerns regarding the chemicals used for pest elimination but we want our customers to know that we take their safety into consideration while we do our job.We offer an array of various treatment options that are strong enough to eliminate the pests but ensure that you are safe once we’re finished. At Plateau Pest Solutions, we worry about pest control so you don’t have to!