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Known as “The Village by the Sea”, Carlsbad is located along the Pacific Ocean coastline and offers a mild climate year-round. It is considered to be an ideal setting for a vacation. It is also known for Tamarack Surf Beach and Legoland California theme park. Just like how residents or visitors enjoy what Carlsbad has to offer, pests enjoy it as well. Carlsbad is home to a variety of pests including rats, mice, and gophers that causes frustration and property damage

Rodent Control in Carlsbad

Have you ever imagined a rodent appearing in your home? They can bring ticks, bed bugs, fur, and other contaminants and parasites. In addition, the diseases in their urine can harm your health and create an intolerable odor. The smell attracts other animals and eventually will become something that is out of your control. When you are actually facing this kind of nightmare, you might try to solve the problem yourself. Unfortunately, this is not an efficient way!

It takes a lot of time and money to solve this kind of pest problem. Nocturnal rodents are active at night, which makes it difficult to identify its type. Different species means different treatments are needed. As you know, they cause diseases. Direct contact with them by touching their urine is an act that puts you at risk. Moreover, putting a sharp trap can potentially be a dangerous device for you and your family.

For these reasons, DIY rodent control is inefficient. If you are having problems with rodents, don’t worry! Here at Plateau Pest Solutions, we are experts with over 35 years of experience in the pest control industry. Our treatment and maintenance plan is tailored to what you want. Our role is to safely decontaminate and treat the problem area to keep you and your family safe! We are offering a FREE ESTIMATE without the sales pressure, so contact us at (855) 475-2832.


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