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      A pest infestation is a problem that no one wants to deal with, but there is no way to ensure that our homes and businesses won’t suffer through one at least once. Pests make their way and take up residence in our homes and offices by slipping through the smallest holes and cracks then build nesting grounds for them to comfortably thrive in until we find them. Good thing we are here to help with all and any pest infestations. At Plateau Pest Solutions, we have the pest expertise and experience to come and inspect any pest invasion that has occurred in San Marcos. After an inspection, we will develop a treatment plan that will eliminate and control before there are any serious damages done to your property. We proudly serve the San Marcos area and provide its residents and business owners with peace of mind knowing that we are the best when it comes to pest control services. Our inspections are sure to be satisfactory and will leave your home in its original state; back to how it was before the pests. We will take care of any pest problem so that you aren’t forced to. We take the time to learn about your unique pest situation and use it to come up with a treatment plan that will eliminate and prevent any future invasion. Reach out to Plateau Pest Solutions today to start your inspection and become one step closer to a pest-free home.

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      One of the worst things about a pest problem is that we often do not know that they exist or are made aware of them until damages or issues point them out to us. A pest problem is a surprise that no one wants to go through. We can take some of the stress off of you by taking care of your pest problem with an inspection and treatment plan. At Plateau Pest Solutions we attack every pest problem at its source, known as the nesting area. Taking out the nesting area is how we put a pause on any sort of further invasion and keep them from coming back. After we have conducted an initial inspection and have located the source of the problem, we will create a treatment plan that will adequately eliminate while also being something that you are comfortable with. We know that the products often associated with pest control can be harmful, but we want to inform you that we have an array of solutions that are completely safe to use. We have organic, botanical, and even chemical-free treatments that will leave your home or business safe for anyone who enters it after we have finished our job. Our success with completed pest inspections and control has made us a preferred and trusted pest control company for the people of San Marcos, and we aim to continue to provide satisfactory services to the home and business owners in the area. You can trust that we will provide you with the best pest control that Southern California has to offer.

      Plateau Pest Solutions is a family owned and operated business within the pest control industry that has been servicing Southern California for more than 40 years. Our work is founded on the concepts of excellence and integrity, which we showcase during every one of our pest elimination jobs. Our technicians are all trained in landscape, agricultural, and structural pest control and are well versed in Integrated Pest Management. Everything they know about Integrated Pest Management they pass along to our customers so they understand the work that we are doing and how it enables us to maintain our quality pest control. We work in coherence with each of our customers and tailor our services to their specific needs. You will be in full control of the kind of treatment that is used in your house as well as how you wish to go about paying for our services. We would never make you enter into a contract or agree to a treatment that you are not comfortable with. Our goal is to work alongside you to ensure that your finances or treatment preferences do not hinder the pest control work that you need done. We aren’t just any old pest control company, we are Plateau Pest Solutions and we will take care of the pests so you don’t have to.

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      San Marcos is located just northeast of San Diego and is full of interesting houses, restaurants, schools, outdoor activities, and plenty of places to work. Double Peak Park is a great place to hike, the antique village always has something unique to discover, and the weather is always close to a balmy and comfortable 72 degrees. Residents and business owners love the area, but unfortunately, so do the pests that also happen to reside there.

      San Marcos Ant Control

      Ants will often make their way into your home in search of food, water, and shelter. In the summer, ant infestations are most prominent because they are looking for sources of water. This is why they can be found in dishwashers, sinks, and showers. After they’ve found water, they will move around to find food. Covering food, throwing out scraps, and cleaning countertops and floors is a great way to reduce an ant infestation, but when it becomes more than you can handle, reach out to Plateau Pest Solutions to take care of it.

      San Marcos Flea Control

      When an animal goes outside, there is a greater chance that they will pick up a flea or two. If you have a dog or a cat, fleas might hitchhike on them and into your home. People have made it easier for fleas to thrive inside because of the warm environment that wall-to-wall carpeting and central heating create. Finding and spotting fleas with the naked eye is quite hard, so leave it to the experts at Plateau Pest Solutions to do it for you and start working on a plan to eliminate them.


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      Great company.  Came out to fight with my gophers and are winning.  Easy to do business with. Thanks

      Jarret G. - San Diego, CA

      Great service. Have never seen any ants, roaches, or other bad bugs, inside or out. We have lived here for over 12 years

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      At Plateau Pest, we understand the concerns surrounding the use of harsh chemicals so we offer organic, botanical, and eco-friendly applications as well as chemical-free services. Plateau Pest can also keep your farms and groves free of pests while still keeping them organic with our 100% organic production services.

      San Marcos Pest Control

      For many years, Plateau Pest Solutions has been providing pest control services in the San Marcos community. Rest assured that we use the latest pest control technologies and methods. We constantly monitor the latest regulations with strict compliance. We strive to sharpen our skills and gain valuable knowledge to provide our clients with the best customer experience. On top of that, we provide free estimates and offer affordable rates for all our services. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your problem. For more information, check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp accounts. You can also call us at (855) 475-2832.